Home Warranty and FAQs

When you work with Advantage, you’re working with a company that has been here for decades and will be here tomorrow. We proudly stand behind the integrity of the homes we build. The attention to detail we put into our homes is the same type of care we put into the buyer’s manual we give you at closing. This is a comprehensive guide that details your warranty and the process for submitting a warranty request. It also provides helpful tips and a recommended home maintenance schedule. This includes everything from air filters and smoke detectors to landscaping and more. As a top builder in the Corridor, we are proud to offer a Limited 1-Year Warranty on our homes. Advantage requires homeowners to register for their warranty within 30 days of closing on their home apapers.

Register Your Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advantage’s warranty policy concerning trees, sod, and plants?
Trees, shrubs, and grass are not warrantied after closing unless specifically noted.

What is the policy regarding drainage?
Your lot has been graded per county/city requirements for proper drainage. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to plant grass or take other measures in un-sodded areas to prevent erosion and improper drainage from frequent rains. The homeowner is also responsible for replacing and maintaining any plants or grass in these areas. After periods of normal rain, you can expect water to drain off within 24 hours in most areas and 48 hours in swales. After a period of heavy rains, it may take considerably longer.

What is the warranty policy in regards to scratched window glass, damaged countertops, damaged cabinets, or other similar damages AFTER I close?
Any damage such as cuts in vinyl flooring, scratched countertops, chipped glass, drywall repairs, paint touch-ups, etc. are not warranted after closing. These repairs should have been noted during your final walk-through and repaired prior to closing.
My concrete cracked this spring. Will you replace it under my warranty?
Concrete surfaces will sometimes crack due to normal expansion and contraction and temperature changes. They can also develop cracks from soil movement underneath due to rain, evaporation, ground settling, etc. Most cracks have no structural significance and are of no concern. Cracks in the garage, driveway, sidewalk, and patio that are in excess of ¼ inch in width will be reviewed for possible warranty repair. Foundation cracks greater than 1/8 inch will be reviewed for possible warranty repair. Patching of concrete or full replacement is determined and at the discretion of Advantage Custom Builders. Although we will do our best, Advantage Custom Builders is not responsible for color variations when repairs are required.
How soon may we request a warranty repair?
Unless it qualifies as an emergency (see ‘Emergency Services p.12’) we request claims not be submitted until your 11th month from closing. This allows time for your home to go through its natural ‘settling’ process. We also require 1 complete list of items versus multiple requests.
I need to request a warranty repair, how do I do this?
We require warranty requests to be submitted here.

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